UA Marketing creates and manages unique opportunities, programs & properties.             Founded by Brandweek Marketer of the Next Generation - Bernard Smith.                       



Founded in 2009 as a model support platform, Modellounge has since evolved into homebase for the industry’s leading and most popular female fashion models from across the globe. Located in Union Square, NYC – models that meet strict requirements converge at Modellounge during work hours to connect and regroup between appointments and shows – year-round and during New York Fashion Week. And it doesn't stop there. As a multi-dimensional platform and 1-of-a-kind property, Modellounge is dedicated to their overall story (from housing to career development) through special resources, programming, and partnerships with leading brands and insiders. 



Founded in 2008, Initiative: Keep-It-Clean (IKIC) is dedicated to improving and helping maintain the aesthetic of city streets and communities by managing street furniture across different categories, including: newspaper boxes, public phone booths, recycle bins and street-level outdoor advertising media in New York, Boston, Washington D.C. & Philadelphia.


highlighted work

Nike Brand Jordan: Look me in the eyes
Commercial spot scored by UA Marketing (producer Ryan Leslie)